2019 Program

7:45 AM


8:15 AM


Presented by Dr Jeff Thavaseelan

8:30 AM

STONES / Urological Stones and Calculi

Presented by Dr Matt Brown
Guest Speaker Brown Radiologist

9:00 AM

Stones Interactive Q&A

9:30 AM

GROANS / Pain and Dermatology

Presented by Dr Trenton Barrett
Guest Speaker Dr Phil Singh (Perth Skin Specialists) and Dr Judith Thompson (BodyLogic Physiotherapy)

9:45 AM

Groans Interactive Q&A

10:00 AM


10:20 AM

SJOG Healthcare Sponsor Presentation

Presented by Colin Wood – SJOG

10:30 AM

BONES / Erectile Dysfunction and Implants

Presented by Dr Jeff Thavaseelan

11:00 AM

Bones Interactive Q&A

11:15 AM

THRONES / Incontinence and Female Urology

Presented by Dr Ak Hamid
Guest Speakers Dr Todd Ladanchuk (WA Gynae & Surgery) and Joanna Morris (BodyLogic Physiotherapy)

12:15 PM

Thrones Interactive Q&A

12:30 PM


1:20 PM

5D Clinic Sponsor Presentation

Presented by Dr David Joseph – 5D Clinics

2:45 PM

Exercise and Oncology

Guest Speaker Dr. Ciaran Fairman ECU Exercise Physiology

3:00 PM

Exercise and Oncology Interactive Q&A

3:10 PM

Mock Oncology MDT – Prostate Cancer Case PUC, PRC, Genesiscare, 5D Clinic

Presented by Dr Shane La Bianca
Guest Speakers Dr Basil Sclanders, Dr Tee Lim, Dr Nat Lenzo,

3:45 PM

Mock MDT Interactive Q&A

4:00 PM

CLOSE OF SESSIONS / Move to Post Conference Area

Presented by Dr Jeff Thavaseelan

5:00 PM


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